Bet On Summer Holidays To Attract Local Customers

The summer holidays  are always a high point for catering: the good weather encourages customers to go out and this deserved rest period also gives them more free time and more energy to eat out. 

In our recent survey which analyzes in detail summer trends and the plans of Belgians, 82%* of customers indicated that they plan to go to the restaurant more often during the holidays than during the rest of the year. ! It’s the perfect time to create memorable dining experiences and become THE restaurant of choice for local customers, a market you can count on.  

Every day, customers search for a restaurant, and use the keywords “restaurants near me”. Local restaurants are therefore popular and the likelihood that customers will repeat their visit if they have had a positive experience is higher.

With the promotional offers and marketing campaigns offered by TheFork, combined with the stronger desire of customers to go to the restaurant during the summer (and even to return to their favorite restaurants nearby), the summer holidays are a safe bet  for restaurants to attract even more customers: local customers! 

Attract local customers with tailored offers

Make your restaurant the favorite haunt of local customers, a place where they will want to come back and invite their friends and family, by giving them the feeling of being welcomed in a privileged way, thanks to offers designed on measure. 

Some good examples of initiatives to test this summer:

  • Special family menu especially on weekends 
  • Weekday couples special menu 
  • Progressive promotional offers for customers who return to your restaurant (the more guests return, the more advantageous the offers offered). 
  • Special promotional offers for local residents
  • Special promotional offers for employees of local businesses
  • Special promotional offers for students from surrounding universities

When local customers are looking for nearby restaurants, such offers are likely to interest them and encourage them to book. Plus, these offers have the power to really make customers feel special, build loyalty, and motivate them to come back often. 

Create a perfect dining experience for summer

Use the summer holidays as an opportunity to kick-start your menu and dining experience, so your local clientele really feel like they’re living the summer spirit, even without leaving their region. Weekend brunch is very popular and offering a brunch menu on an extra day during the week can be a very attractive solution for local customers on vacation. 

When 59%* of guests say their ideal vacation spot is the seaside, consider tropical cocktails or coastal-inspired dishes to attract local customers and make them feel like they’re spending their summer close by. beaches, even very far from them. That said, offering local regional specialties is also an excellent way to attract customers, with 51%* of customers believing that the presence of regional dishes on the menu is an important selection criterion.

Welcoming customers who want to stay in their area for their summer holidays and avoid the crowds is an excellent opportunity for small restaurants and those who are struggling to fill their room. Promotions at certain time slots such as early morning and late evening attract local customers.

Once your restaurant has made a name for itself with its summer customers, its visibility will take off on the Web and elsewhere . During the summer holidays, the local clientele explores the city more throughout the day and thus has more opportunity to discover local restaurants. For partner restaurants, it is recommended to display a TheFork sticker in front of the store, which allows passing customers to easily discover promotions, menus and hours online.   

Take advantage of the summer holidays to attract local customers and retain them for the whole year in your restaurant!

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