Survey | Steps To Take The Tell Asda Feedback Survey

Have you been to an ASDA store recently? If you responded yes, you must provide your feedback by taking the ASDA Survey, and you will be entered to win £1,000 in PayPal Money just for sharing your thoughts. Are you excited to participate in the Tell ASDA Customer Satisfaction Survey by visiting Visitors to the ASDA store can participate in an online survey and enter a prize draw if they follow the instructions and meet the requirements.

Do you Know About ASDA?

For those who know, it sounds great! It is time to see some info about your favourite store for those who do not.ASDA is a well-known grocery store chain in the United Kingdom. Supermarket concepts like ASDA are trendy among citizens since they offer a wide range of products from various in-house and distinct brands under one roof, effectively addressing every consumer’s need while saving time and money. ASDA is also one of the UK’s top three retail chains. According to statistics, more than 18 million individuals in the United Kingdom shop at ASDA every week due to their extensive product selection and excellent customer care. On the other hand, we can estimate that ASDA serves around 98% of American households.

Asda Feedback Survey

ASDA has started a consumer survey project called Tell ASDA these days to serve customers better and measure their degree of happiness. Customers who have recently visited ASDA can share their experience by completing the Tell ASDA Customer Survey. You will be entered into ASDA’s sweepstakes if you meet the Tell ASDA Survey Contest, where you can win £1000 every month in a lucky draw.

Am I Eligible to Participate in the Tell ASDA Online Survey?

As part of the survey policy, you must follow guidelines.

Otherwise, your entry will be deleted from the drawing, and you will not be eligible to win any prizes. However, there’s no need to get too worked up over it. The following are the rules:

  • Citizens of the United Kingdom are instructed to participate.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old to compete.
  • One person from each home can enter the ASDA Survey to win £1000.
  • Employees and their immediate families are not allowed to attend.
  • You must have a valid receipt of purchase which is less than 30 days old to participate. A receipt is required only for England, Wales, and Scotland residents. Residents of Northern Ireland are not required to keep purchase receipts.
  • Winners will get an email notification and have ten days to collect their prize.
  • The reward money will be transferred to the PayPal account of the rightful winner.

Following the guidelines and requirements described above in the Tell, ASDA Survey is sufficient. If you want to finish the survey without trouble and win the prize money by beating out the competition, you must adhere to the above rules and regulations.

Are you eligible to participate in the Tell ASDA online survey contest? If yes, Let’s check how to take the online survey at www.

What are the steps to take the tell ASDA Online Feedback Survey?

Asda Feedback Survey

Most people who participate in this ASDA consumer feedback are barred from participating because they provide incorrect information. As a result, you should proceed cautiously while sharing personal information on the internet. If you do not comply, you may be booted out. This is why you must adhere to the guidelines outlined below.

  1. Go to to access the ASDA Survey URL.
  2. To participate in the survey, use the ASDA survey code found on your receipt.
  3. After entering the survey, users will be asked about their most recent visit to ASDA.
  4. Customers will then be asked to score their most recent ASDA visit, ranging from extremely satisfied to highly dissatisfied options.
  5. Users will then be asked to score the speed of service, order accuracy, and service quality on a scale of highly pleased to highly unhappy. The users will then be asked about the interior, environment, cleanliness, and the staff’s attitude.
  6. The consumers will then be asked to write out any problems, issues, or concerns while shopping at ASDA.
  7. Fill out the Tellasda survey and answer all of the questions honestly.
  8. After completing the Tell ASDA Survey, users will receive a voucher code, which may be used on their next visit.

What are the Rewards for Winning the Tell ASDA Survey Contest?

Asda Feedback Survey

To compensate you for your feedback and time spent with the store, the survey gives $1000 cash to PayPal. Participants who complete the online survey at will be placed into a drawing contest to win $1000 in cash.

What Is Myhoneybakedfeedback Survey? | What Are The Rewards

Contact Asda

If you have a complaint about one of the company’s products, wish to report the usage of one of their employees to the authorities, or have any other concerns, you can now contact the company’s customer care.

                                             Southbank, Great Wilson Street, Leeds,

                                              LS11 5AD

Final Thoughts

Asda is a firm that values customer feedback and listens to what they have to say. The Asda customer feedback survey was created at to gather feedback from customers so that the firm could grow and continue to provide high-quality products and customer care to all of its customers.

This is an excellent opportunity if you’ve recently visited an Asda store and want to share your thoughts. The survey should only take a few minutes to complete, and once you’re done, you can enter the Asda sweepstakes to win the grand prize of £1000 and ten prizes of £100 in the monthly draw. Please feel free to post your thoughts, suggestions and comments on this fantastic survey contest below. Stay waiting for more impressive, rewarding survey contests and thank you for visiting my blog.


23 thoughts on “ Survey | Steps To Take The Tell Asda Feedback Survey”

  1. I always go to Sharon on checkouts as she’s very helpful friendly and nothing is too much trouble a valuable member of the asda team.
    however on another issue the checkouts lately has been diabolical as they want you to use the self scan checkouts and i for one will not ,so that means no end of queues in the checkouts because they will not open up more than three checkouts and I for one am absolutely annoyed this is allowed to happen i do not blame the girls on the checkouts but management level ,considering shopping elsewhere where ill be served
    like i want to be served.

  2. Dear sir/madam.
    I just had to let you know that you have some good staff at your Stonecot Hill, Sutton branch.
    But one member of your staff in particular always stands out from the rest, and her name is Tara!
    I always see her with a big beaming smile on her face, every time I use your store no matter what. She’s always
    there willing to help if needed and always asking if everything is OK. I wish all members of staff no matter where you shop, were like her!..Brilliant asset.
    Mr. Les

  3. I love ASDA and always been a customer there . On the 12th of June after my night shift @ 08.30hrs, l popped in to ASDA by The Dome roundabout in Watford/Garston to do some quick shopping. On arrival at the shop, l put a £1 inside the shopping trolley but the chain will not release the trolley, other customers were also helping me but it wont release the trolley. l looked round to see whether l can see any attendant to help me but there wasn’t any one there. l stood there for another 10 minutes struggling with this trolley. Then l decided to speak to one of the security staff by the main door . He said he can’t leave his chair, when l went back, somebody has managed to take the trolley with my £1 in it. l went back and told the security man and he said there is nothing he could do, l should go and tell customer service. lt was so frustrating and upsetting as a staff nurse l should be at home sleeping and going back to look after my patients and not getting upset that time in the morning.
    I went to customer service and l was told they can’t help me because l left the trolley. I told them there wasn’t any body around and l told the security man but he couldn’t help and in fact he told me to come and tell them, but l was told there’s nothing they can do. l was so upset and went straight home without doing any shopping. If l knew this gonna happen to me l will have gone straight home to sleep after the night shift. Since, l haven’t been to ASDA and its very painful to leave the shop that l loved most.
    All that l want to say to ASDA is, please don’t let this happen to another customer its very frustrating and upsetting. There should be an attendant there helping customers l was alone that day.

  4. I am very happy with Asda, which I shop almost every day. Employees are very kind and friendly. They are always helpful.

  5. big shout out to Roy Rodgers in Poole for finding my prescription outside in a trolley,
    not to happy about telephoning the store, option 1 if you are a customer leads you to having to go to the internet to deal with your enquiry before it hangsup, had to use option 2 for colleague to actually speak to someone in store,

  6. I was advised by the store staff at Sutton Asda last Friday (I shop there every Friday) that I should down load the app on my smart phone for discounts and benefits. I said that as a 77 year old pensioner I like many other pensioners do not have smart phones so we as pensioners are unable to reap any benifits.
    Would it be possible for asda to issue pensioners with a store card they could use or even use our travel passes?

  7. I visited the Beeston, Leeds store on 6/1/23. There was a young woman with a baby at the checkout with a trolley of food. When the cashier, who was called Bernadette, was putting the food through, the young woman told that she had a £50 voucher to pay for her groceries. When the cashier came to the end, the total was well over the voucher limit so the customer had to start giving back several items of food. She was obviously upset and embarrassed and started crying. Bernadette was so kind, compassionate and caring and fully understood the situation. After several items were returned, the total was still over the limit, so I paid the excess. Bernadette was a star and she should be recognised for the way she handled the situation. I later spoke to the duty manager, who told me about tell Asda, hence my comments

  8. very nice polite clean staff always happy to share a joke with you and very curteous staff each and every one of them awesome

  9. Visited Asada chandlers ford today having nor been for some time. Everything easy to find in the store due to well displayed signage i also found Staff at Checkout and tobacco counters to be polite Cheerful and very helpful it was i breath of Fresh air compared to other supermarket chains i use

  10. My wife and I always do our main shop in ASDA, Grantham. The staff are always helpful and friendly and after the number of years we have shopped there, we consider them as friends rather than staff. One main stumbling block to our experience is the checkout area. As we shop 3 or 4 times a week, we regularly have a small number of items in our trolley, which I need to use due to mobility issues, so look to use self scan. There is frequently an enormous queue waiting for this and it is often caused by people with a mountainous trolley load which they insist on scan packing. That is to say, they put a selection of bags on the checkout shelf, and then play “ip dip dip” whilst deciding which bag to place the item into after scanning. Instead of placing the items back into the trolley when scanning is finished thus allowing them to vacate the area as quickly as possible, they take 20-25 minutes to check out. When we shop, everything is returned to the trolley regardless of how many items we have and we move away to pack our items. I have mentioned this to ASDA in the form of an Email but they didn’t bother to respond. I have spoken to staff who are in agreement but they say it is down to management. Or should that be mismanagement? Limit the number of items taken into the trolley shop and we can all spend less time standing and waiting.

  11. I recently visited the Asda store in Chorley, I was served by a young lady called Anayya who was very helpful and friendly. She assisted me in finding the price for one of my items which did not have a barcode. She then helped me to sort out my Asda rewards card registration. She was pleasant ,patient and extremely helpful, for which I was really grateful as I was in some pain from my arthritis.
    I hope her excellent customer service skills are recognised and rewarded.

  12. Mrs. C,
    Love shopping at Asda.
    Generally low priced, good quality and Friendly atmosphere.
    Can be a bit congested at times, just need to be aware of time of day when shopping.
    Good all round service provided

  13. I enjoy going to my local ASDA Peterlee. And with the ASDA rewards scheme they are currently having is very good, because I have used it within the past week so now it’s time to start saving up again. The staff are very helpful, so if I was to win £1,000 i would give the money to the PDSA. My reason being they help us with my late dog.

  14. Visited the ASDA Chadwell Heath, Dagenham today, it was a very pleasant experience with your staff named Monika at the customer service point. She was very polite and extremely helpful. Sorted out my return goods with all smiles, and very professional.

  15. I regularly use Asda in West End Southampton, l live 5 minutes away, all the staff in your store are brilliant and helpful.
    In particular a big thankyou to Teresa, Yarna, Ronnie, Jane, Helen and her friend in bakery.
    They are all so good, always polite and just very nice people, if I was to score them out of 10, I would score it 20 out of 10, thankyou girls your great.

  16. Barrow store, no small trolleys, normal shop 50% not displayed, crossed to Home bargains got all i wanted in small trolley, come on asda sort your selves out or i’ll be off to shot elsewhere !

  17. We shop in ASDA in Kilkeel. Today Erin at the checkout was so polite, chatty, accommodating, friendly. We were impressed. The shop is bright and easy to get around.

  18. Asda rewards scheme is good for people who have e-phones, but what about us people who do not posses these phones?. Even Morrisons and Tesco provide cards to obtain money off rewards. We like to shop at Asda, but this is very unsatisfactory.

  19. I use ASDA at DIDCOT 0X11 6GD . The store is always Well stocked and the staff are so friendly and kind, I can always fine what I want. And as I live on my own its great to have someone to speak to. Especially Chole , Sharon. Chris, and Arun who is always smiling ! Thank you so much for this lovely Store, always a joy to visit.


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