Talk To Ace Hardware Survey 2022 | How To Win Gift Cards

If you’ve recently visited an Ace Hardware store and made a purchase, fill out the online customer satisfaction survey at to share your thoughts and suggestions. You’ll have a chance to win a $50 gift card if you do this. The ACE Hardware customer satisfaction survey, which can be found at, was created to get direct feedback and improve the company’s services. ACE recognizes that the customer is king, which implies that it must always listen to its customers to deliver outstanding service. The poll is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and anyone can participate in conveying their contentment or dissatisfaction.

Do you Know About Ace Stores?

Ace Hardware is a well-known American hardware retailer with a long history of providing high-quality products such as hardware, grills, lawn, garden, and home improvement supplies. The Ace Hardware chain has almost 5,000 locations throughout the world.

Talk To Ace Hardware Survey

Ace Hardware stands out from other hardware stores because of its emphasis on client satisfaction. The business has come a long way in satisfying consumer expectations and pleasing them with its goods and services. TalkToAce is a large poll to gather customer feedback on the chain’s products and services. Ace Hardware hopes to listen to you directly through this poll and provide great shopping experiences based on the results.

Why talk to Ace Hardware Online Satisfaction Survey?

We all want the brands we use to listen to us as customers. This is also true of Ace Hardware’s customers. You wish to tell the firm about your buying experience as a consumer. You have a lot to say. You can also have some complaints or ideas. allows you to get your voice heard.

The questions in the Ace survey are both open-ended and closed-ended. You’ll also be asked for your thoughts and ideas. It’s also an opportunity to air your grievances via the survey. The company will then utilise the information to improve its services and products, so you will notice improvements the next time you visit the store.

Talk To Ace Hardware Survey

What are the terms and conditions for participating in the Online Survey?

Take a look at the criteria and requirements for the Ace Hardware Survey, which are stated below. It would be ideal if you could meet their needs before doing the survey.

  • It’s necessary to have a purchase receipt from Ace Hardware with the survey code inscribed on it.
  • An internet-connected device, such as a PC, laptop, or smartphone, is required.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen and a resident of the District of Columbia.
  • Customers taking the survey must be at least 18 years old or older.
  • Employees, directors, and staff members, as well as their families, are not permitted to attend.
  • The gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of payment.

What are the steps to Participate in the Online Talk To Ace Hardware Survey?

Talk To Ace Hardware Survey

Follow the steps below to complete the talk to Ace online feedback survey.

  1. Take the ACE Hardware customer satisfaction survey at to get started.
  2. Fill in the correct amount spent and the time, date, journal number, and store number on your receipt.
  3. Click the start button to get started with the survey.
  4. Now you must complete the survey by providing honest comments on your visit. Your most recent visit will be the focus of all of the questions. Give a truthful response.
  5. When prompted to enter the contest after completing the survey, click Yes and press “Next.”
  6. Now, carefully fill out your personal information and submit it.
  7. Lastly, you’ll be entered into a sweepstake to win a $50 gift card.
  8. Wait for the Sweepstakes Administrator to reveal the winners.

Talk To Ace Hardware Survey Rewards?

The survey is taken extremely seriously by Ace Hardware. The senior executives get access to and examine everything in the survey to find areas that need to be improved. Since customer perception can make or destroy a business, Ace will go to great lengths to ensure you have a better purchasing experience.

As an Ace Hardware customer, this is your best opportunity to express yourself about your purchasing experience. In exchange, you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card. | Marks And Spencer Survey – Win £50

Contact Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware’s customer service information is listed below. Aside from contact information, the page provides an overview of the hardware store’s operations and services. The following is a list of Ace Hardware customer service options. Please contact Ace Hardware customer service if you have any problems, questions, or feedback.

  • Ace Hardware HQ Address: 29891 State Highway 59Loxley, AL36551-3129
  • Ace Hardware HQ Phone No (630) 990-6600
  • Ace Hardware HQ Fax No (630) 990-6838
  • Ace Hardware Customer Support No 1-888-827-4223
  • official site of ACE Hardware Survey:
  • official site of ACE Hardware:

Final Thoughts

Due to the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, TalkToAce allows you to get up and speak about your shopping experience at the retail chain. It also enables the organisation to enhance its products and services in response to your input. The best part about the survey is that you can enter to win a $50 gift card in a random drawing. Do you want to participate in the survey? Visit for more information.

I’ve compiled all information about the Ace Hardware Survey. I hope this information helped you finish the Ace Hardware Customer Satisfaction Survey. Please leave any questions or comments about the survey in the section below. Please leave a message in the box below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting my blog, and stay waiting for more rewarding surveys from your favourite brands.


34 thoughts on “Talk To Ace Hardware Survey 2022 | How To Win Gift Cards”

  1. I simply wanted to let someone know that I shopped at our local ACE Hardware Store in Raytown, MO on 6/8/22 at 12:16 noon and found Donovan, Denise, Kassie and David to be some of the nicest associates I have had the honor of dealing with. You have a wonderful and super helpful staff to put it mildly. David went out of his way to help me select the best polyurethane I could use to refinish our oak dining table. David and Denise were great about helping me with any questions I had on the flowers. Denise is always one of the best cashiers. Her friendly smile and helpfulness never goes unnoticed. Whoever hired all these great people is to be commended.

    Mrs. King



  3. Here at the Midland Texas store I was pondering about a potted plant. Not intending to purchase it on this day when, Alex questioned my hesitation and presented several ideas about why I needed to purchase the plant. Bantering back and forth, (I was enjoying his salesmanship and polite manners) I was finally ready to make the purchase. What a nice young man! Knew his department.

  4. I had to get a new weed trimmer the one I wanted was not avaible to look at and I wanted to be sure the string fir the new one Greg was assisting me and showed me another one around the same price and even checked to be sure my string would fit. He also put it together for me he was very professional and very very courteous.

  5. Ian was a tremendous help to me at the Ace Hardware Store in Leavenworth, Kansas. He provided excellent advice and service on the products I bought; a Craftsman lawn mower and a Stihl weed-eater. Thanks for all of your help Ian.

  6. Thank you to Jeff and John at Ace Hardware for finding the drum sanding kit I needed for my project….I didn’t even know what I was looking for and found it. They were so helpful. I do like the new store and I’m slowly learning where everything is. Thank you

  7. My lawn mower needed repairs and Brent (Tomah WI ACE) was very courteous in assisting me. He unfortunately had to call me multiple times to update me with additional issues, but was very upfront with the problem and the cost for repairs.

  8. Today I had two keys made at Ace Hardware here in Topeka, but when I arrived home they were nowhere to be found. My wife and I hunted high and low to no avail, so I returned to the store thinking that I had forgotten my purchase. The cashier and stored manager hunted for the small brown bag, but it just was not around anywhere. The manager offered to make new keys for me, but I delined. The manager went with me to my car to help look for the lost bag in my car. No Luck! I was prepared to have the locks on my house changed since I didn’t know who might have the keys. The manager and cashier were so nice and helpful. They were genuinely concerned about my plight and did everything possible to help me. I will forever be grateful for the way I was treated and knew they truly cared and wanted to help any way they could. I am a senior citizen who is slowly losing my short-term memory. When I returned home and continued to look for the keys, I found them in a cupboard. I had no memory of placing them there. Kudos to these two Ace employees who demonstrated how much they were concerned about my dilemma.

  9. I visited Madden’s Ace Hardware #3374
    The staff is awesome. We have been hit with two hurricanes .
    I appreciate the patience, professionalism and helpfulness of this team. Not to mention the coupons have helped. Thanks again. Patty

  10. I called Ace Hardware #14252 where Donna help me with items I was looking for my dad. By the time I got to the store Donna had the items waiting for me at checkout she was a great help on the phone and in the store thank you.

  11. I shopped at Ace Hardware on Blanding Blvd in Orange park.
    I was assisted immediately by an associate named John. His knowledge of the store and in my case,
    the hardware section was amazing.
    We had polite but short conversation about the items I needed and realized that “ Good people do exist “ thank you John for all your help. Keep on doin what your doin. Thanks.. Howard

  12. Ace hardware is always had everything I’ve needed and their employees have been very friendly . I’d recommend these people for any of your needs.

  13. I was unable to take the survey because it wouldn’t let me click if I had the receipt or not. But I went to the Ace Hardware Store in Raymond Washington and the customer service is ALWAYS exceptional. I have a store 4 miles closer to my home and I don’t go there because the CS at the Raymond store always helps me with my needs.

  14. I visited the Eureka Ace Hardware. Store very clean, folks very helpful. I wanted to enter the survery but the website takes to to other links not associated with surgery. Frustrating

  15. I love using store 17448 in Bradenton Florida. Their associate Ken treats me like gold; he is extremely knowledgeable and helpful!!!! Love that guy awesome!!!

  16. I visited Rocky’s Ace Hardware in North Andover store # 03578. The staff was exceptional, particularly Hansel. I had many questions and also needed a BM paint mixed. I was in and out in 20 minutes! The cashier was lovey too! Forget the big box stores. I am so happy it’s in my home town😊.

  17. I visited Lakeridge Ace Hardware in Lakewood, Colorado and two employees name Jim and Noah went the extra mile for me and spent 20 minutes taking glue off of a rubber insulattion for my patio door so I could put it back on to keep the cold air out.
    They even put a double sided tape on for me so all I had to do was peal it off and stick it on the patio door frame.
    I love this place!

  18. Mike made a delivery to us today and he was great! Cheerful, helpful, and efficient. Made us even more excited to receive our new step ladder! Thank you ACE and Mike!

  19. This morning I visited ace hardware store 5144 and I have to say Bruce and the associates working at the time will be on helpful it was having a fence installed had a sprinkler system on the fence and had to quickly get some parts so they could put the sprinkler system back together when the fence was installed and they were wonderful helping me with the clamps and various things that I needed I always go there and I must say it’s always been a great experience .Everyone is so helpful there and the store has everything that you need Deer Park Ave., Deer Park, NY

  20. My boyfriend and yshop there all the time, and we always are welcomed,and might I add everyone always has a wonderful attitude

  21. I stopped at Ace hardware to purchase some water softener salt. It was raining and the lady put the salt in my car without any hesitation. They are always willing to help. Greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  22. My husband & I purchased a Weber grill & cover today and we dealt with Renee at the Ace Hardware (Morton’s) in the Port Charlotte, FL store. She was very kind, pleasant and definitely knew all about the particular grill we were purchasing. She said she also owned the same grill. She gave us a discount on the grill cover and the purchase included free delivery to our home, which just made everything even better. We would highly recommend this store and Renee!

  23. I recently shop at Ace Hardware for spring flowers. Sonni, Ashley was very nice and friendly I love the politeness of the staff toward the customers it makes you want to come back.

  24. the Ace in Diamond provides excellent service. In the past I have asked for help with a grill that I purchased, they sent out someone to our house to look at it. It needed propane tank. He was nice enough to go back to Ace and bring me a tank and installed it. Today, needed a water heater. It would not fit in my suv. Gary, was nice of enough to load it in his truck and deliver to my house. Sometimes the hometown feeling and customer assistance you receive is something you find in the big chain stores.

  25. My husband and I walked into the Ace Hardware store in Thousand Oaks CA. I had previously seen a patio set that I liked and brought my husband back to see if he liked it too. We went and sat down in it and were just kind of getting the feel of it when Tony D walked over and asked if we needed help. We told him that we were interested in purchasing the set. He was very helpful with information about the availability of the set, the cost of assembly and that delivery was free because we were Ace members. He also told us that we could hold off on delivery until our patio was ready. All of this from a very friendly and patient employee that made our purchase most pleasant. We shop there often and everyone there is always cheerful and helpful.

  26. Had a leaf blower in for repair. They repaired it and the service and employees always are friendly! The store employees are always helpful and informative!

  27. I was in today and I needed help finding the right paint for my outdoor furniture,and Gabi came to help me and she led me in the right direction and made it really easy to ask for help from her such a kind soul ,Thanks so much Gabi!!!


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