9 Ideas For Your Restaurant To Shine On Instagram

The decoration of your restaurant is one of the keys to benefit from positive and scalable marketing on Instagram,  which is today the most important social network  for finding and retaining customers in the restaurant industry. So we take the opportunity to write this article and summarize some of the aspects to consider  to help you create spaces in your restaurant that will catch the eye on Instagram.

Is your restaurant decor irresistible to your customers and their cell phones?

Let’s say that the objective is to  create an ideal atmosphere  that will make customers want to take out their mobiles to take a photo or video of your establishment and share it on their Instagram account with glowing comments. Suppose you and your team put in the effort to enhance the decoration of the restaurant, seeing it as  an added bonus in terms of quality and aesthetics. In that case, your customers  will thank you for the experience you have just given them. to live. 

Take advantage of natural light

Instagram loves natural lighting, which is why  customers are more tempted to take photos in brightly sunlit spaces  . Take advantage of any spaces with natural light and take special care in decorating these spaces, which will also give the impression of being larger,  all promising a successful Instagram photo.  

Create pretty nooks

One idea to take advantage of natural light is to arrange  nooks and small spaces, ideal places for taking photos or videos.  Modern furniture, with one or two seats in bright and eye-catching colours, combined with vintage tables and a floor of decorative tiles gives a very aesthetic result. You can also install shelves near the tables on which you will have old books.

A good idea is to combine standard coffee tables with high bar-type tables, marry them with tall and elegant pedestal lights, coordinate with other smaller and more functional lamps, or mix abstract paintings with classical paintings. Eclecticism facilitates the creation of different spaces within the same place  , which will multiply your customers’ desires for photos and videos  . 

Compose a decoration based on unusual objects

And since we are talking about the combination of different elements, we suggest that you go antiquing in vintage or collectors’ shops and find objects that will stimulate the imagination of your customers, who will naturally want to share them on Instagram. . For example, arrange chairs from different eras around your tables, or place unusual and striking lamps. Or, place in the middle of your room

an amazing and aesthetic sculpture,  for example a giant rhinoceros or a fairy. You can be sure that this sculpture will inspire customers to take memorable photos but also to remember you. Suppose your potential customers are between the ages of 40 and 55. In that case, you can incorporate old VHS tape cassettes, Polaroid cameras, Rubik’s cubes, and other items that evoke 1980s and 1990s nostalgia into your decor, paired with other more modern objects. Or, for example,  lay out open trunks containing objects evoking travels , old music boxes, phonographs, etc.

Display your own graffiti or paintings

To  attract more customers  from Generations Y and Z,  hire an artist to paint a mural in your establishment,  in a street art or illustrative style, to represent a concept related to your restaurant’s brand image. If you make this choice, your restaurant will have a huge power of attraction for these young customers, because in addition to identifying with this pictorial style, it will form the ideal backdrop for posting on Instagram. You can also promote this part of the restaurant’s decoration on your own Instagram account, inviting your fans to discover your establishment and its frescoes. You score quite a point!

Decorate the restaurant with inspirational phrases

Instagram loves motivational phrases because they play a very important role in the positive and inspirational use that customers make of this social network. Choose decoration to match, inserting  phrases that link your restaurant’s values ​​with  cheerful, clever or playful ideas, making customers want to share them on Instagram. You can display them in neon letters in the center of a large wall or have them printed on a decorative poster, chalkboards, napkins, etc. The more interesting your phrases are, the more they will attract customers’ attention.

Put fresh flowers and green plants

Flowers and green plants are other eminently Instagrammable elements. We can say that  everything that is natural is in the spotlight today . Arrange vases of different sizes, styles, and colors and garnish them with fresh flowers each day, placing them in different areas of your establishment. Your customers will love it. As far as green plants are concerned,  it is essential to include them in your overall decoration . Carefully choose cacti for darker spaces and indoor and outdoor plants to introduce good variety into any area. You can also opt for  plants in hanging pots . They give a fresh and natural touch  to all areas of your restaurant allowing you to constantly encourage your customers to share their experiences on the networks. 

Dramatically stage your dishes

Imagine going to a restaurant where you are served a nicely colored beet cream, decorated with sprigs of parsley, and served in a sunny yellow bowl: a wonderful combination of colors. You will inevitably photograph your dish. Now imagine being served a dish of roast chicken stuffed with chestnuts. The well-roasted meat has that particular cinnamon color. The poultry is split in the middle, very juicy, revealing its herbs and chestnuts, all accompanied by a very fresh salad that combines green and yellow. What a slap! The visual and sensory impact is immediate. .

It’s as  if you placed a very beautiful board next  to each recipe, to encourage your customers to share them on social networks constantly.

You can invest in training your kitchen team to take them through workshops and dressage classes, specifically targeting Instagram. It’s a powerful differentiator.

Create a hashtag for your restaurant

When you develop your marketing strategy, define a hashtag composed of the word restaurant and the name of your establishment, for example #restaurantlesfivesens, and include it in your decoration for customers to tag their posts with this hashtag. This hashtag  makes it easier to find your restaurant  on this social network and helps customers see everything that is posted on Instagram related to your establishment with a single click.

Having a prominent hashtag is also  a direct incentive to use it . If customers see the hashtag on napkins, coasters, decor displays, etc., they’ll be tempted to use it when posting about your business.

Don’t neglect the toilet

Customers sometimes tend to post pictures of your toilets on their Instagram. Some restaurants even offer a space decorated with mirrors, lights and flowers,  like dressing rooms preceding access to the toilets. , and which are the big favorites of customers. If you opt for special tiles, designer faucets, green plants and eye-catching paintings, this restaurant space can acquire significant value and be noticed by customers. Would you have imagined that customers choose to go to your restaurant to take a selfie in your beautiful toilet?

To know:  Following gastronomic influencers can also be very useful to stay abreast of trends in decoration and culinary presentation and know what appeals to users the most and what is most often shared. In this way, you can  develop an always-up-to-date decoration strategy  for your establishment and regularly increase your interaction on Instagram.

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