The Virtual Queue For Restaurants: How Does It Work And What Is Its Interest?

A virtual queue is an automatic system that manages and tracks customers who arrive at your restaurant without a reservation and who wait until a table becomes available. In the absence of a system for managing waiting customers, especially during busy periods such as weekend evenings, the wait can quickly become chaotic for both customers and the restaurant. 

Common virtual queuing solutions that restaurants have are texting, display systems, QR codes for example. Each restaurant adopts a different method. However, it can be interesting to set up a specific system, adapted to its needs to optimize its virtual queue.

By the way, if your restaurant wants to add a virtual queue and get all of its benefits, you can use tools like TheFork Manager’s Waitlist feature . This digital feature allows unexpected reservations to be added to a queue. When a table becomes free, you can then easily notify the customer.

Benefits of a Virtual Queue

Better wait time tracking

The main benefit for restaurants is to have a smooth and more organized way to communicate expected wait times to their customers. Digitizing the queue improves the accuracy of calculating wait times by accurately tracking occupancy.

Restaurants can also improve the placement of their customers because by having more precise information: they know exactly who the customers are and the order in which they arrived.

Such a tool allows them to save time to manage the waiting list and the arrival of new customers.  

A more pleasant wait for customers

One of the main advantages is to optimize customer satisfaction.

Indeed, a virtual queue allows customers of your restaurant to have a clearer idea of ​​the time they have left to wait. It also allows them to not have to worry about their table being assigned to other customers since they receive a  notification or an alert telling them that a table is available. They can therefore distract themselves during the wait by going for a drink, in the bar of your establishment for example, or by exploring the neighborhood. 

The virtual queue therefore reduces the irritation of customers  forced to wait and also prevents them from missing a table because they did not wait in front of the establishment. Many customers may be put off by long wait times, especially if they are asked to wait outside the restaurant. A virtual queue solves this problem.

An opportunity to expand the customer database

By opting for a virtual queue for your restaurant, you have the opportunity to expand your customer database. When customers sign up for a virtual queue, restaurants may solicit information such as their name and email address in order to contact those customers later. It’s a great solution for  communicating with new customers, encouraging them to come back and building loyalty! 

Irrespective of the type of virtual queue, digitizing your customer waiting list is a valuable asset for your restaurant, as it streamlines management and improves customer satisfaction.

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