The 3 Keys To Boost The Reopening Of Your Restaurant

Take advantage of some tips to increase reservations in your restaurant.

It has now been a year since Covid disrupted our way of life and caused many concerns about the future of the restaurant sector. However, countries are beginning to ease their restrictions, and better days are emerging for restaurants. In order to help you during your reopening or to support your activity after having reopened your establishment, TheFork communicates to you the levers allowing you to increase your activity . TheFork accompanies you with its flexible software and practical advice to boost the reopening of your restaurant.

The 3 Keys To Boost The Reopening Of Your Restaurant

Make sure your restaurant is prepared for an increase in reservations.

After this long period of closure, customers will be happy to return to their favorite restaurants and discover new ones. Establishments could face an unexpected increase in the number of reservations. To welcome more customers, you must ensure that you are ready, both in terms of management and organization. 

What are the elements to take into account to deal with this increase in bookings?

It may be time for you to reevaluate your suppliers. Indeed, some of your usual suppliers may be faced with delays or shortages of products. Keep in mind that it is essential for the management of your restaurant to plan things in advance with your suppliers. 

Make sure your establishment complies with the health measures imposed by the government. Make sure you always have enough masks and hydroalcoholic gel. Insist with your team that they scrupulously respect all these essential measures. 

Update your restaurant information: You may need to change your opening hours to comply with local restrictions. Therefore, be sure to update them everywhere (on all your social media accounts, on TheFork Manager, on Google My Business, etc.)

Update your calendar: Make sure to sync your calendar across all your platforms

Propose new menus: this always gives a new dynamic to a restaurant and encourages loyal customers to come and try it. You can also create a menu based on seasonal products. Remember to add your menus to your TheFork page to inform your customers of the new products you offer. For example, you can add a new fixed menu or an à la carte menu

Don’t forget to update your stocks in order to have a clear idea of ​​what you can offer.

Activate your Covid Badge on your TheFork profile to show potential customers that you comply with Covid security measures.

If you have a terrace or a sheltered outdoor area, prepare it and add it to your seating plan to receive your customers there .

The marketing levers to exploit

Marketing will help you attract customers. Here are some ideas for using marketing tools to improve your restaurant’s visibility. 

Add a booking widget to your Facebook and Instagram pages as it is a value-generating tool for your business. Customers who visit your Facebook or Instagram page can reserve a table at your establishment directly from the reservation widget on your page. No commission is charged for bookings made through your booking widget on Facebook or Instagram as a restaurant partner. The mobile-friendly booking experience is fast and efficient .

Display your Yums badge if your restaurant participates in the program. One in five reservations is made at a restaurant participating in the Yums loyalty program, which represents 22% of all reservations. If you would like to join the Yums program or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your account manager. 

Play on special offers . Customers are drawn to businesses that offer them something. Why not offer them a glass of wine as an aperitif? Promoting an offer of this type will attract more customers to your restaurant. You can also play around with TheFork features and set a specific time slot for a special offer such as “20% meal discount”. These special offers attract customers and encourage them to come back to your restaurant or discover it. 

Use social media to promote your restaurant and manage your online reputation. Processing all your ratings and comments and taking care of your social networks are key elements in giving your establishment a good reputation online. Update your photos , especially those presenting your dishes, in order to attract the attention of users and encourage them to book. Communicate on social networks about the news of your restaurant.

Don’t forget to communicate with your customers . Using a good CRM is a long-term goal that will improve how your establishment is perceived and its image to your customers. You could send them a newsletter and share your new projects, your expectations for the year 2021 or the novelties added to your menu. Find out below how TheFork can help you communicate with your customers.

How to communicate key information to your customers and staff

TheFork Manager is an easy-to-use tool that integrates a CRM for restaurants. It allows you to maintain a personalized relationship with each of your customers:

TheFork Manager allows you to build your own customer database  : last name, first name, email address, allergies, specific dietary requirements, etc. You can prepare and send emails and text messages directly from the software. This gives you the opportunity to offer your customers a personalized experience. 

The software offers you the key to interact directly with your customers . If you have important information to share, customers will be notified. You can prepare them for all the potential novelties.

You will also be able to communicate directly with your staff using the “Memos de service”. This feature will help you convey the rules that will need to be followed.

Growing your business is part of your restaurant’s journey, but you’re not alone in this journey. TheFork will give you the support you need to increase your bookings, improve your reputation and get more visibility. If your establishment will be opening its doors soon, consider consulting our reopening checklist: Prepare for the reopening of your restaurant. You will find some tips to manage your reopening during this unprecedented time.

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