Talktogiant Survey 2022 | How to Complete The Survey & Win $500

When was your last shopping with the Giant food stores? An exciting deal awaits you if it is less than a week before. Giant Food Stores believe in listening to their consumers, so they are sending a survey to their loyal customers called Talk to Giant, asking them to discuss their recent visit experience at Customer feedback is critical for any merchant since it can improve the shopping experience, whether positive or negative.

The Talk to Giant customer survey is not only for gathering information but also for rewarding its customers with free $500 gift cards. So hurry up and offer your thoughts for a chance to win a reward.

Do You Know About The Giant Food?

The Giant Food Company was established to simplify customers to obtain all of their food needs under one shelter. It is now one of the flourishing food stores in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Columbia, and Maryland. Giant foods clients may expect outstanding products and exceptional service from the corporation.

Giant foods were first introduced in the early 1990s. More than 90 years have passed since the company was founded. Customers have always come first at Giant Food Stores. Giant Food’s management ensures that you always get the most incredible products for the best price. The network presently has over 200 locations around the United States and a large number of satisfied consumers. Their survey is called Talk to Giant Foods, and it allows them to improve their services based on the demands of their customers. In 1923, it all began in a modest fresh meat store in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The giant fond store is proud of where it all began. The store’s owner founded it to deliver new products and please consumers, as customers are the lifeblood of every enterprise. With the help of two men, David D.J. Javitch founded a meat market in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Carlisle Meat Market was established to deliver the most incredible products at an accessible price. David focused on making each product value for money while retaining quality to draw clients in the direction. Now to know about the customer satisfaction Giant foods organizes an online survey at

Why Talk To Giant Food Survey?

Customer comments are crucial in assisting businesses in improving their services. Everything impacts brand loyalty, whether it’s employee demeanour, product quality, retail environment, or cleanliness. The Giant, one of the most well-known brands in the United States, has been serving its clients for decades. Customers of Giant stores are always satisfied with the company’s products and services. The TalkToGiant survey aims to get customer feedback about the Giant shop. So provide your shopping experience and win a chance to save $500 on your next purchase with the Giant stores.

What Are The Rules And Requirements Of The Survey?

Check out your eligibility and rules of the Talktogiant survey below.

  • A Talk to Giant purchase receipt with the PIN is required.
  • A device with the Internet, such as a P.C., laptop, or smartphone, is necessary.
  • You must be 18 years old to participate in the online survey.
  • You must be a legal resident of Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia.
  • There is a limit of one entry per person.
  • These gift cards cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.
  • No workers of the Giant stores or their immediate family members are allowed to take the survey.

Any violation of the eligibility criteria will prevent you from participating in the sweepstake and winning the prize.

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How to Complete The Online Survey?

To complete the Giant Food Stores Survey, follow the procedures outlined below.

  1. To visit the official website, go to
  2. Now input your purchase receipt’s 20-digit PIN.
  3. Press the “Next” button once you’ve entered all of the information accurately.
  4. Now it’s time to complete the survey by giving your honest comments.
  5. You’llYou’ll be invited to join the sweepstakes after you finish the press.
  6. Select Yes, then press Next to complete your personal information.
  7. Finally, you are entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win the reward.
  8. Wait for the Sweepstakes Administrator to declare the Winner.

What Are The Rewards For Winning The Sweepstakes?

The Giant Food Customers Survey is a sweepstake in which five winners will get a $500 gift card each. You will enter the drawing contest if you complete the survey and provide feedback. You have a chance to win one of five $500 Giant Food Store gift cards if luck is on your side.

Ensure you understand all the restrictions and limitations before redeeming the $500 gift card you won through online surveying.

Contact Giant Stores

If you have any questions or concerns about the TalkToGiantfoods survey, please email The Giant. The following are the contact information, operating hours, and registered address:

Giant Food’sFood’s registered address: 

8301, Professional Place Suite 115

 Landover, Maryland 20785, U.S.

Customer Care Number: 888-469-4426

Operational Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8 am – 7 pm ET

Saturday: 8am – 5pm ET

Sunday closed

Giant Foods Survey Support Email

Final Words

Giant is on a mission to keep its consumers loyal by listening to them, fixing their concerns, and going above and beyond their anticipations. The corporation has launched the TalkToGiant survey to help it reach its goal.

Fill out the form to have a better experience at Giant Foods the next time you buy. You’ll have 10-12 minutes to finish it, and you’ll be entered to win a $500 gift card. So, what do you have to lose? Visit to enter to win a $500 gift card. Please feel free to post your queries and thoughts in the comment section below, and thank you for visiting my blog.


7 thoughts on “Talktogiant Survey 2022 | How to Complete The Survey & Win $500”

  1. It seems that I cannot take the Giant Food Survey. I got a little flyer in my shopping bag, from the new local Giant Food Store that is more like a Super Giant, to get the chance to win a $500 Giant Gift Card, if I go to talktofiantfood, for the person who checked me at the register (Linda Jenks, of Manassas, VA). It appears that the link in the website given, will only take entries for another type of Giant Food Store; after directing me towards its intended survey. My PIN to log in, from my Giant Food receipt, indicated that the Store is a different Giant, and that the survey is not for the Giant Food Store where I shopped at, which recently opened (in Manassas, VA 20109). Just saying, re: error in their advertising.

  2. Gentlemen/women:

    I shopped at the Giant Food store in downtown McLean, VA this morning and had a very disappointing experience. It happened at the seafood department. I asked for one pound of salmon, center cut. The older “gentleman” serving me seemed to have problems with my request. He picked up one piece, put it on the scale, and it was too little. He obviously wasn’t going to cut a larger piece, so I settled for a non-center cut piece, not what I wanted. I then asked for six shrimp, then changed my mind to eight. When I indicated eight instead of six, I got a glare and body language that was hugely negative. Bottom line: if he’s there next time I want seafood, I will go to Safeway or Harris Teeter. I don’t need to 1) be treated like a subhuman and 2) not get what I really wanted or needed. FYI, this is my first complaint ever to Giant.

  3. Today I went to the Giant for the 8 fried chicken cold pack that was advertised in the circular. They said they were out of them. This happens way too often where an item is purchased with choice rewards and the Giant is out of them or they can’t be found in the normal place. Several times I used my points to get a 20 oz bottle of Coke and no one even the manager didn’t know where or if it existed.

  4. Monday afternoon I stopped at giant and got a rotis chicken for my wife and I. There were several there and I did not really look at it until I got home. When I opened the carton the chicken was burny, dry, small & shriveled. I could hardly get a serving for one let alone for 2 of us. We had to make extra food, top ramen! My wife did not even eat the chicken. I saved it and will return it tomorrow when I have time. It was priced at $6.99. Terrible place for this kind of meal. Giant should leave the chicken to the KFC!

  5. I have have been a Giant client since it’s opening in the Washington area. In fact I was acquainted with Mr. Cohen, one of the original owners. He was a stickler for cleanliness! Everyone working in a store he was about to visit double checked the floor & food displays to make sure of his approval. I am glad to see cleanliness is still a priority. I do have a couple of suggestions. Put low salt or salt free products in one area. It will save your shelves neatness.People will not have to pick up & put down several of the same Item to find the one needed.

  6. I am writing to let you know how happy I am with giant. The people that work there are friendly and nice. They help you find the things that you need. And the people that work at the customer service are always great and nice in the managers are night everybody in the store is nice I’ve definitely will recommend my friends and family to come to you for shopping there I know they will be happy with the quality that you are getting. Thank you and have a great day I’ll definitely will come back and talk to me again like I do I go there everyday

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