Publix Survey 2022 | Steps For Taking The Publix Survey – Win $1000

Hello friends, Here is a fantastic opportunity for Publix customers to give your feedback and take out the gift cards worth $1000 at What do you feel now? Awesome!!! So make hay while the sun shines, helping the firm improve and help yourself save $1000 on your next shopping with the Publix stores.

So, Do You Have A Question Like Why Publix Survey?

The answer is straightforward. Online surveys play a crucial role in improving a firm’s reputation in this volatile industry. Hence the Publix survey at Participating in the online survey will help the company’s brand boost its consumer relations. Buyers can express their ideas, likes and dislikes, recommendations, and concerns in this voting without restrictions. The Publix feedback survey values customers’ efforts and time by adopting strong measures to appreciate their thoughts. This supermarket will undergo significant modifications due to taking into account the preferences, difficulties, and suggestions of numerous individuals. Participants will also have the chance to win rewards if they complete the challenge.

Do You Know About Publix?

For those who know, it’s excellent, and for the people who do not, here is a description in a nutshell. Publix has developed from a single store in 1930 to become the largest grocery business in the United States today. At the age of 22, George Jenkins created this employee-owned grocery store. His hometown is in the state of Florida. He dreamed of building a vast, beautiful grocery mall by establishing more branches around the United States when he was younger.

Publix Survey

It was so successful that he was able to open a second location 5 years later in a different part of town. His dream was given form in the form of a beautiful stucco supermarket mall, which opened in 1940. To focus on the novel shop, he had to close down two of his previous stores!

Since 1945, he has been able to extend his empire by purchasing little stores, replacing them with the idea of his great Publix, and realising his ambition. Publix has grown to over 1,000 locations, stemming from George’s first small grocery store, which he established at the age of 22 in his small hometown of Florida, symbolising the possession of impact, firmness, and vision. What a great transition from a modest grocery store to this rich history!

One of the keys to his vast success has been his never-ending search for the best technique to attain consumer pleasure, which he obtained through a survey! Customers who participate in the Publix survey will be entered into sweepstakes! This will allow them to win a $1,000 Publix gift card. That’s more than enough for one, two, or three outings to the food store! Are you on cloud nine, Friends?

Not everyone who is reading this can partake in the Publix survey. Why?

There are specific eligibility terms and conditions.

What Are The Rules And Regulations Of Publix Survey?

Publix Survey

The eligibility rules to participate in the Publix survey is as follows:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. You must be able to communicate in English or Spanish.
  3. You must be a legal resident of the United States.
  4. There should be no employee affiliation.
  5. To input the essential Publix details, you must have a receipt or a survey invitation. However, you are not required to purchase to participate in the survey. If you’ve made a purchase, you’ll be able to access the survey online using the code on your receipt. If you haven’t made a purchase yet, you can still participate by utilising the mail method.
  6. You’ll need a phone, tablet, or PC and access to a fast internet connection.

Have you checked your eligibility to enter the survey sweepstakes? Then all set to take out the Publix online feedback survey.

Before taking the online survey, you must have first done these two steps below.

  • Purchase a product from one of the many Publix locations across the United States.
  • A receipt is given to each consumer when they make a purchase. Keep the receipt that the clerk gave you. There will be a printed number on the receipt to allow you to enter the online site.

What Are The Steps For Taking The Publix Online Survey?

Publix Survey

1. Visit for more information.

2. Please select your favourite language.

3. Move your pointer to the bottom of the page and click the start survey’ button on the lower left-hand side once the site has loaded.

4. On the front of your Publix receipt, find the 4-digit number at the bottom of the contest invitation.

5. Enter the 16-digit store number that can be found beneath the store number.

6. Input the timestamp located to the right of the date at the bottom of the receipt in ‘00.00’.

7. Finally, use the Next button to begin filling out the survey. Answer the questions based on your Publix experience.

Fill out an official sweepstakes entry form after you’ve finished, and you’ll be entered to win a $1000 gift card. For the contest, you’ll be requested to input personal information such as your email address, name, etc.

Hopefully, you have completed the online survey. Congratulations!!! You are entered into the lucky sweepstakes.

What Are The Rewards Waiting For You In The Sweepstakes Draw?

Following the completion of the PublixSurvey and entry into the contest. The company Publix has made contact with you. However, it must be verified that you are at least 18 years old.

The chosen winner will be contacted, and they must react within 72 hours of receiving the notification. For openness, the lucky customer’s name will be published on the main website.

If $1000 is on the line, investing 10 minutes of your time does not seem horrible. A Publix survey can earn you a $1000 gift card in 10 minutes. Isn’t it a splendid deal?

If you don’t win the sweepstakes, still be proud that you are a reason for improving the Publix store.

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Some FAQ’s on Publix Survey

Q1. When does Publix close its doors?

Ans: The majority of Publix stores close at 10:00 p.m.

Q2. What time does Publix start serving food?

Ans: Typically, all Publix locations open at 7:00 a.m. However, because timetables vary by region, there is no guarantee that every venue will adhere to the same schedule.

Q3. Is it possible to win money via a Publix survey?

Ans: Participants who complete Publix’s survey will enter a competition to win a $1000 gift card. These gift cards are only redeemable and cannot be converted into cash.

Q4: How can I know whether I won the Publix survey?

Ans: Winners will be notified by email or phone at the email address or phone number provided during registration. Otherwise, go to to see who won.

Q5. How frequently do people win the Publix poll?

Ans: To choose winners, drawings or sweepstakes are frequently held on June 1, July 1, and August 1.

Q6. What should I do if I cannot access the Publix survey website?

Ans: Check your internet connection if you cannot access Publix’s survey website. Also, keep in mind that this site is only accessible to inhabitants of the United States and other countries indicated.

Still Queries? Contact Publix.

If you don’t receive anything or are unclear about something, you can contact the firm.

The phone number to dial is 1-800-830-8159.

Corporate Address: 3300 Publix Corporate Parkway, Lakeland, FL 33811;

fax: 3300 Publix Corporate Parkway.

Ending Thoughts

You may now take the Publix survey and enter the Publix sweepstakes to win a big prize. So, what do you have to lose? Visit the official website,, to enter the sweepstakes and win the award.

I hope you find the information in the previous tips helpful. Please leave a remark if you have any queries, and I will be happy to respond to them.


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  1. I enjoy shopping at Publix. The stores are always clean and well organized. The personnel are always friendly and helpful and quality is always excellent. The nearest Publix for us is the Easley, SC store.

  2. We shop at Publix at least once a week or more depending on the household needs. The employees are very friendly and helpful when I need assistance. The deli area has very good subs and chicken among other items. I like the bogo items and the sales are just what we need during this time of inflation.
    I do hope that you keep the prescription program as it is, as it helps us keep up the inflation.

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