Increase Your Restaurant Turnover With Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the meals that guests really like to eat out. Therefore, it is an interesting business opportunity and a solution to increase the restaurant’s turnover. The habit of eating well in the morning is part of the trend of healthy habits to adopt, because breakfast is usually made up of healthy foods that go well with a balanced diet.  Does your establishment serve breakfast? Here are some ideas for preparing for this service and ensuring a steady flow of customers from the start of the morning. 

Increase Your Restaurant Turnover With Breakfast

The advantages of the breakfast service

 You retain customers:

Breakfast is a meal we all love to eat. This is a great service to build customer loyalty and keep your restaurant profitable. It is important to memorize its customers’ preferences and serve them exactly what pleases them. You can even tell them which ingredients you test regularly for new recipes and get them hooked! 

 Good profit margins:

It is one of the most profitable services, since it attracts many customers and the products used have a lower cost than other more elaborate dishes on your menu. Furthermore, it is a meal that is practically essential for the majority of customers. It is therefore an interesting turnover opportunity for your restaurant.

The secrets to a successful breakfast

Offer a varied menu

  Coffee, teas and herbal teas: teas and coffees are one of the aspects that always attract the most attention in breakfast. Investing in high quality products, including organic products, is a good strategy. Once this fundamental choice has been established, don’t be afraid to go overboard, both in terms of presentation and variety. Train your staff to prepare cappuccino lattes with designs and shapes, and other delicious drinks such as chai latte, matcha latte or turmeric latte which are currently in high demand. 

 Natural juices: Freshly squeezed orange juice is a breakfast staple for many customers, both locals and tourists. For example, offering other natural juices, alone or in combination with ginger or mint, will allow you to score additional points. For example, the smoothie of the day will pique customers’ interest by giving them the opportunity to try something different every day. Green-colored juices made from vegetables are rich in vitamins for healthy eating customers.

 Cocktails : if your breakfast extends until noon, you can offer alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails to customers looking for something special in the middle of the day, or even to professionals who will appreciate being able to organize an informal meeting in your establishment while enjoying a delicious mimosa or a seasonal fruit mocktail.  Also think about the homemade iced teas which are a great success in the spring for brunches in particular.

  Trends: For this service to work well, you need to feature trending foods and drinks. Acai bowls with yogurt and berries or avocado toast are the most popular breakfasts for our days. Hummus and homemade spreads are also very popular. Be sure to include omelettes on the menu, along with vegetables such as spinach, asparagus or walnuts. 

 You also can’t go wrong with the great classics : muffins and croissants with butter and jams. Offer crepes and pancakes with different fillings, eggs Benedict, bagels, sandwiches or assorted sandwiches, a full English breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon or sausages, as well as cereals. 

 Cakes and desserts : in addition to coffee, pastries are very popular with customers at breakfast. Customers like them a lot early in the morning, because they are stimulating foods and also because they are less careful about eating healthy early in the morning. So don’t hesitate to pull out all the stops! The ideal is to hire a pastry chef for your dishes in the morning to be able to offer homemade, delicious and innovative creations. Offering customers a pastry a day is a surefire way to build customer loyalty. 

 Healthy foods: Be sure to offer healthy versions of all your dishes. Offer foods with natural sweetness in particular, such as rice syrups, agave, brown sugar, plant-based milks and gluten-free products. 

Gluten-free products are essential, as breakfast usually includes bread, pastries and products containing gluten. By offering a variety of gluten-free breads and pastries, you will attract more customers. If you make sure that the different products do not contaminate each other in the kitchen, customers will feel more relaxed and will gladly come to have their breakfast in your restaurant.

The rapidity

Two things that customers will appreciate is that the establishment opens early and that it offers quick service at a set time , allowing them to have breakfast in the time slot they have chosen before starting their day. Although it seems obvious, some establishments find it difficult to follow this routine, which requires you to be present very early for breakfast, but a delay of even five minutes can result in the loss of a customer. 

A warm and welcoming atmosphere

Another aspect that customers will love is the feeling of being at home . Breakfast is a personal and intimate meal. Create a cozy decor, with delicious scents (hot bread just out of the oven, scrambled eggs, cinnamon, spices), fresh flowers, beautiful natural lighting and pleasant spaces with sofas or comfortable furniture. Treat your customers to a delicious breakfast before starting their day in a soft musical atmosphere.

If you apply all of these strategies, your restaurant will be successful in the morning . It is therefore in your best interest to take advantage of TheFork’s platform to ensure that this service runs smoothly and is a success.  

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