How To Organize Valentine’s Day For Your Restaurant In 2022

Valentine’s Day was THE date par excellence that boosted your restaurant’s occupancy rate and turnover. But the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic complicates all plans and, following new government regulations, perhaps your restaurant is still closed, or open but with strict limitations, sometimes unable to do the evening service.

To not miss this business opportunity, TheFork has thought about different easy implementation scenarios in your restaurant to help you organize Valentine’s Day.

Your restaurant is closed to the public but your chef is still behind the stove?

Brainstorm with your chef and come up with a special Valentine’s Day menu to take away and/or deliver to your home: this is undeniably an excellent solution for attracting customers who dream of tasting a magnificent romantic dinner concocted by a chef. Check out our takeout and delivery article HERE for inspiration.

It’s also an opportunity to create baskets for lovers by filling them with ingredients they can enjoy without leaving the comfort of their sofa: desserts, chocolate, champagne, easy recipes. 

A great news is that if you are a partner of TheFork, you will be able to directly publish your special Takeout/Delivery menu in your profile to promote it everywhere! Access your account HERE to publish your menu right away.

Is your restaurant open? Jump on this opportunity to attract new customers!

Customers look forward to returning to restaurants to rejoice in the company of their loved ones. For this reason, Valentine’s Day 2022 is more than ever the perfect opportunity to attract customers to your restaurant. Here we offer you a checklist to make this party a success and boost your restaurant’s business.

  • Update your availability and restaurant capacity in TheFork Manager here
  • Publish your special menu on your restaurant page thanks to the PDF function
  • Consider an interesting promotion to appeal to other potential customers

Is your restaurant closed but likely to reopen for Valentine’s Day? 

Make sure you are ready for your reopening by following our advice HERE and be inspired by our checklist. Also, be sure to read our blog post on ways to diversify your offering to generate more revenue. Start updating your availability, and publish your Valentine’s Day menu in TheFork Manager so your customers can book today. Access your account HERE to prepare!

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