Get Your Restaurant Ready For Summer

Now that summer is here, it’s time to increase your restaurant traffic and attract more customers. To achieve this, TheFork is committed to helping you attract more new customers through TheFork Manager. Until December 31, 2020, we are offering the cover charge to benefit from the exclusive features of TheFork Manager PRO to all new partner restaurants. The ideal opportunity for your establishment to stand out from the competition and benefit from better online visibility.

Get Your Restaurant Ready For Summer

In addition, our teams have put together some tips to prepare you for summer and attract more customers to your restaurant.

Rethink your menu and offer summer dishes

Summer has always been a good time to attract potential customers to your restaurant, whether tourists on vacation or locals enjoying the summer.

Therefore, it is essential to stand out from the competition. To do this, nothing beats offering a new summer menu inspired by the latest trends in cooking! 

Indeed, summer is synonymous with dishes adapted to heat, refreshing or cold food, but also delicious dishes, rich in flavor and low in fat. This is why we have selected a few dishes that you could add to your summer menu:

  • An original and colorful salad: The ideal way to combine freshness, colors and flavors, salads are a must on your menu. They allow you to express your creativity and prepare delicious and attractive dishes that will delight your customers. Ultra – popular salads in summer, “bowls” are now among the trendiest dishes because they combine healthy ingredients and a pretty aesthetic. Seaweed-based salads are also very popular because, in addition to providing flavor and freshness, they contain foods rich in nutrients that promote digestion. But also think of the summer classics with afish or seafood salad .
  • Popular bread products: Very practical and profitable products for restaurants, but also easy to consume for customers, tasty sandwiches can easily become the stars of your menu. You can use them as a toast as a starter and as a main course. There are endless possibilities for making a great sandwich. You can use your expertise to create a unique and delicious sandwich that will reflect the identity of your restaurant.
  • Vegan and vegetable-based burgers: When we talk about sandwiches, it’s impossible not to mention the star of sandwiches, the burger. But not only in its classic version! A growing number of people are looking for good vegetarian dishes and burgers can meet this demand. You can prepare them using gluten-free bread, tasty vegetarian meat, roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions or different cheeses, vegetables, salads, etc. It will also appeal to people looking for a healthier dish than the traditional burger during hot weather. 
  • Seafood: Like every summer, fish occupies an essential place on our plates. This phenomenon has gained momentum in recent years as customers are more aware of the consumption and production of red meat. There is therefore a strong tendency to favor fish and seafood as a source of dietary protein. Add a few fish dishes in sauce, carpaccios and ceviches to your menus and the results will be quick.
  • An amazing ice cream: Ice cream remains one of the star desserts of the summer . However, customers are looking to explore new flavors and ice cream offers endless possibilities . From charcoal ice cream to vegetable ice cream, you can express your creativity in order to offer, again, a unique and refreshing dish . 
  • Finally, consider adding a few refreshing summer cocktails to suit guest needs ( more cocktail tips here ).


The year 2020 marks the rise in the need for creativity, healthy food and sustainable food consciousness . Therefore, keep these principles in mind when creating your menu. You can also find our full study on these trends here . 

Optimize the space within your restaurant

In summer, in addition to your menus and your summer menu, you can optimize and adapt a third factor of attractiveness  : the terrace of your restaurant.

Customers come to your establishment to relax and your terrace will play an essential role. Here are some things to consider in order to provide the best possible experience  :

  • Colors: Colors are undoubtedly one of the best ways to encourage customers to sit on the terrace. You should use warm, seductive or creative colors in order to attract potential customers. Your deck colors are the most visible way to set yourself apart from the competition and win over customers. Also try to synchronize your restaurant colors and logo. 
  • Waterproof and durable materials: As we have seen previously, customers attach great importance to the sustainability potential of the restaurants in which they go to eat. Therefore using sustainable materials to decorate your patio can increase your attractiveness . By combining it with waterproof materials, you will also limit the costs. 
  • Vegetation: Plants and vegetation are another decorative element highly appreciated by customers . Very practical, they can be used as a separation between tables, table decoration or help create an incredible atmosphere at the entrance of your establishment in order to attract a large number of customers. It will also fit into the eco-friendly spirit that you seek to convey.
  • Good lighting: Finally, if you want to provide quality services in the evening or at night , you must install a very efficient lighting system . However, be careful that it is not too powerful. The lights should create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, not have the opposite effect. 


Having ensured that your restaurant is welcoming, you now need to exploit and optimize the space, especially in these difficult times. Our restaurant management software TheFork  Manager provides you with the necessary tools to achieve this goal  :

  • Space Optimization: With our Digital Seating Plan feature, you’ll be able to preview the available space within your facility, then set the boundaries to achieve a fixed space. This allows you to virtually find the best layout without moving a single table.
  • Compliance with security measures: The digital room plan will be of considerable help to you in respecting the rules of social distancing since you can try to find the ideal balance between space optimization and security in just a few clicks. You can also block the tables and set the distance between them
  • Time management: You can decide how many covers you can receive per time slot and limit them according to the source (online, offline). In case of unexpected requests, don’t worry! The waitlist feature solves the problem by allowing you to add unexpected reservations to your list , so that when a table is available, you can easily notify the customer.

These are just some of the features offered by TheFork Manager to optimize your space, but also your reservations. If you want to know more, click here. 

Regarding space optimization and security obligations, please click here if you wish to access all the information on the reopening rules in your country

Until December 31, 2020, we are offering access fees to exclusive features of TheFork Manager PRO to all new partner restaurants.  

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