Dive Into The Heart Of This Summer’s Travel Trends To Attract More Customers To Your Restaurant

The recovery in the sector continues this summer, with XX% of customers planning to go to a restaurant during their holidays 3 or more times a week.

After months of dreaming of a getaway to Europe’s liveliest and most touristic cities, Europeans are finally seeing their dream come true. All that remains is to buy their ticket: TheFork customers in Europe have already set their sights on their destinations, XX%* planning to spend their summer holidays in France, XX%* in Greece and XX%* in Italy.

Dive Into The Heart Of This Summer's Travel Trends To Attract More Customers To Your Restaurant

Unsurprisingly, as the sunny days of the summer season approach , and thanks to the easing of restrictions , international travel and bookings are increasing among foreign customers.

In the table above from a recent study*** in several European countries, we can indeed observe the upward trend in reservations from foreign customers as summer approaches.

It is when travelers arrive at their destination that the real itinerary begins. XX%* of customers plan to travel with friends or family members, and are looking for a range of experiences and activities that the summer will bring back. Gastronomic experiences are no exception, as XX%* of customers specifically mention the desire to try gourmet tables during their trip. XX%* of people surveyed plan to go to a restaurant 3 times a week or more in general.

Discover customer expectations and trends to make travelers choose your restaurant especially this summer

summer expenses

It’s no secret that holidays can require a generous budget, but this summer, travelers are determined to break the bank: this year, XX%* of them have decided to increase the restaurant budget, and XX%* have planned a larger overall vacation budget. Increasing the restaurant budget can involve different expenses, but travelers have a pretty clear idea of ​​how much they want to spend on their restaurant meals: XX%* plan to spend between 25-35 and XX%* between 35-50 .

Things to keep in mind

You will improve your chances of booking by offering competitive prices and taking into account user expectations. Many customers consult the menu and the prices on the Internet and XX%* choose their restaurant mainly according to its price. Welcoming your customers by offering them original menus and promotions makes your restaurant stand out, because XX%* of customers believe that an offer made up of typical regional specialties is one of the most important criteria when deciding on the choice of restaurant. ‘a restaurant. In addition, XX%* consider the overall quality of the dishes to be very important.

How customers make their decisions

If travelers and gourmets are eager to go to the restaurant this summer, they continue to apply certain criteria, because establishments engage in fierce competition and customers are spoiled for choice. XX%* say they will look to online reviews to start their search for a restaurant, but then consider other important criteria before deciding to book. XX%* believe that one of the most important criteria motivating their choice during their holidays is the possibility of being served on the terrace, while XX%* cite compliance with anti-Covid health standards. The other selection criteria are mainly XX (X%), followed by X (X%) and X (X%).

this summer in terms of capacity and demand in the catering sector, sanitary measures and customer protection remain key priorities. In the graph above, taken from a recent study***, we can see that the number of reservations per restaurant was not only higher when sanitary measures were applied and reported, unlike establishments where this was not the case, but that the upward trend remains stable in the face of increasing demand.

In addition to the fact that customers are now more keen to book, they have also become dependent on online solutions, as our March survey revealed**: 57% of customers now book online more often than before. As a result, you can prepare with more peace of mind, because the increase in reservations allows you to know the demand in advance. Plus, as partners of TheFork, you get easy booking options available across multiple channels .

Use TheFork to learn more about travel predictions

A good understanding of the expectations and wishes of travelers this summer allows you to anticipate and better prepare your restaurant for a possible unprecedented peak in demand. Use TheFork to make sure you’re giving travelers what they expect when dining out.

What we know

Travelers are likely to have little or no knowledge of the restaurants in their chosen destination. The survey reveals that many of them rely on restaurant reviews and online visibility to be sure of make the ideal reservation

How to leverage your partnership with TheFork

TheFork wants to provide optimal online visibility for restaurants and will help you rank high in some of the most popular search engines like Google and Bing. We also make it possible to book your property on major websites like TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel platform! You’ll be able to find new customers more easily, but you’ll also make a great first impression with a dedicated, customizable page with photos, menus, and reviews.

And when it comes to customer reviews , managing and collecting reviews has never been easier with TheFork. TheFork automatically sends emails to all your customers, encouraging them to leave comments and reviews on your restaurant’s page. You will thus collect a large number of opinions with the key to improving the reputation of your restaurant with new prospects.

In conclusion, this summer has every chance of creating a little extra buzz for your restaurant. Knowing how to anticipate expectations and needs will make all the difference.

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