3 Tips To Improve Your Restaurant Promotion

Nowadays, customers are highly exposed to advertisements that appear on their screens to grab their attention and spark their interest in a business or service. Luckily, restaurants sell one of the most attractive things on the web: food .

With a sometimes almost too large choice of establishments, it can become difficult to choose. Customers may then need help and motivation to find and choose a restaurant: yours .

Make sure your restaurant stands out with advertising

3 Tips To Improve Your Restaurant Promotion

Careful advertising is a great way to reach new customers and remind them why they should always have your establishment in mind when booking a table.

We know you continually deliver great, delicious food and great service, but do your customers and prospects know that?

Here are some tips you can use to communicate with your current and future customers and thus better promote your restaurant.

Encourage your customers to come to your restaurant with offers and promotions

Everyone likes to take advantage of an interesting offer!

Customers are much more enticed by a restaurant or inclined to make a reservation when they have an offer. 

Offering promotions, loyalty programs, and special offers is an easy way to promote your business and generate interest.

Do you have the impression that you have to offer important promotions or nothing? Think again ! An offer, even a small one, can be a hit when customers have to choose between your restaurant and that of your competitors. 

Some ideas of offers to propose:

  • Happy hour or specialty menus
  • Offers reserved for regulars
  • Social Media Contest

After selecting a few offers to grab attention, you need to make sure your customers will be able to see them.

Using social media makes it easy to get the message across. No worries: you can reach new people without resorting to paid ads. Posting using hashtags and posting to your Instagram story gets your content seen by more people. You thus expand your presence by posting your content online, and modernize your image by publishing on trending platforms such as Instagram or TikTok.

TheFork partner restaurants can also notify customers of their offers by highlighting them on their restaurant ‘s TheFork page . When customers search for a business like yours, they can easily discover the deals you offer. Even when their restaurant doesn’t have a special offer, they can attract customers with Yums from TheFork loyalty program. The latter allows customers to accumulate Yums with each reservation until they can benefit from a reduction on their meal.

You can also promote your offers through email marketing , another way to better promote your establishment.

Email marketing

Advertising through email marketing is a great way to improve CRM , communicate with your customers, and keep them coming back to your establishment. Share your restaurant news, promotions, menu information and more in one prominent place. Email marketing can be very effective and simple with the help of online email platforms. Many platforms allow you to easily choose and create a creative design, easily add and manage your customer databases and follow your communication.

The Fork Manager Pro+ is a great example of an email marketing tool and a solid choice for managing your restaurant. Use TheFork Manager Pro+’s CRM tool to better promote your business and easily take advantage of the benefits of email marketing.

Maintain a good reputation

The best form of advertising is that which is done directly by your customers.

21% of customers trust friends and family to choose a restaurant and 58% rely on reviews*.

Word of mouth has become the most effective advertising tool to exploit. Encourage your customers to take photos and share them on social media when they eat at your restaurant. You can offer them an offer to encourage them to leave a comment, for example! 

As part of your TheFork partnership, when customers book at your restaurant, they automatically receive an email inviting them to leave a review that will be visible to all users. Also, feel free to share customer feedback on your social media pages, in your marketing emails, and on your website. It’s a great way to promote your establishment because customers book more and more easily and serenely in a restaurant well rated by other users.

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