3 Tips For Creating A Dessert Menu Customers Will Love

Making menu decisions can be difficult, but offering something to satisfy your customers’ sweet tooth is always a good idea.

For some customers, dessert is not the key moment of the meal, but others always leave a little room to end on a sweet note. By offering a dessert, you have an additional opportunity to impress your customers and attract more people to your restaurant. Creating and updating the perfect dessert menu takes a bit of time and thought, but we’ve compiled some tips to help you through the process.

Tips For Creating A Dessert Menu

1. Offer desserts that make sense for your restaurant

Although desserts complement a menu advantageously, they nevertheless represent an investment that must make sense for your restaurant. For your dessert offering to be successful, you need to understand which sweets pair with the other dishes on your menu and fall within a price range consistent with the experience you are offering your customers.

2. A varied offer

We know you’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating a menu that can satisfy the different tastes of your customers. Your dessert menu should be no exception. Whether your dessert menu consists of a signature offer or a wider selection of dishes, you can adjust it to ensure that it will satisfy the sweet tooth of all your customers. 

Tips for a short dessert menu:

  • To diversify your offer, you can offer a simple dessert such as a signature cake or an ice cream, which your customers can customize with different toppings (fresh fruit, syrups, nuts, etc.) according to their tastes.

Tips for a longer dessert menu:

  • In this case, you have the possibility of offering a dessert for each customer. Make the most of this idea by offering desserts that are totally different from each other. Instead of relying solely on chocolate and indulgence, consider adding recipes offering tangy citrus flavors or spicy and sweet touches.
  • It really is possible to attract more customers by offering a dessert menu that caters to those who are vegan/vegetarian, health conscious or gluten intolerant.  

Browse our dessert ideas to create a menu that will perfectly complement your menu.

3. Offer desserts adapted to the season

Take inspiration from different times of the year and events to enhance your dessert menu and seduce your customers. Here are a few examples:

  • In summer, more sweets and refreshing desserts, such as ice cream and sorbets. 
  • During holiday periods desserts can be shared as group bookings are common at this time of year.
  • During the high season (in summer for example), specialties that the people of the region are fond of and that tourists wish to taste to immerse themselves in the local culture.
  • Special desserts for the holidays, just like a delicious Christmas dessert, whether you offer a Christmas menu or not.

All menus, including your dessert menu, can be modified to adapt to the needs and expectations of your customers. Dare to try new things to find out what works best and what your customers like. 

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